All our treatments begin with our signature complimentary footbath prior to your treatment.




A soothing and nurturing customized massage. Designed to unwind mental and physical stress and restore a sense of inner calm.

To compliment the massage the use of warm oil, heat packs & hot towels will add even extra comfort for pure relaxation.

30min $90   60min $140   90min $170

Deep Tissue/Remedial
For muscles that need deep pressure persuasion.

A customized massage designed to unravel even the tightest muscles. Leaving you feeling a better version of yourself.

(Health care rebates available for certain funds)
30min $95   60min $150   90min $180


The Lavanya Way
A whole body encompassing massage featuring full body strokes to diffuse stress from top to toe. A soothing stomach massage to aide digestion, gently detoxify & release emotional stress. A soulful pressure point foot massage will leave you grounded & spiritually recharged.

90min $180   

add a 30min facial $250

Hot Stone
Allow the warmth of heated Hawaiian volcanic stones to melt away tension, fatigue and stress. A combination of massage and warm stones soothes and centres both body and mind.
90min $180

A relaxing customized massage performed with our pregnancy support pillows.

Our complimentary footbath has never been more welcomed, before this perfectly nurturing massage for the mum to be.
30min $95   60min $150   90min $180
refer to pregnancy section for more treatments



Classic Coconut
A tropical dream facial. Ultra nourishing, ultra calming and ultra hydrating. Organic coconut oil, milk & cream will leave your skin firm, smooth and youthful. A cheeky AHA fruit pulp peel for refining skin texture & reducing fine lines. A welcomed head, neck & shoulder massage melts away mind madness. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and mature.
30min $90   60min $160

Fire & Ice - our signature facial
This facial is a marathon for the skin, bringing dull tired skin back to life. We commence with a back rescue massage for complete treatment satisfaction. A glycolic acid peel leaves skin glowing and refined. Stimulating paprika & lime activates circulation, detoxifying, oxygenating and revitalizing your skin. Your arms, hands, head, neck & shoulders are skillfully massaged. Refreshing iced stone crop soothes, refines and tightens the skin. The perfect pre-event facial.
Suitable for all skin types, especially ageing, congested and uneven skin.
90min $190   *60min option (facial only) $160

Age Corrective
Did you you know there are 43 muscles in your face?
Our extensive facial massage techniques relax facial muscle tension through stretching, lengthening and soothing stressed facial muscles.
Our age corrective range with natural retinol complex will increase collagen synthesis, dramatically restoring softness and tone to tired skin.
Suitable for dehydrated, mature and ageing skin types.
60min $170

Radiance Detox
This treatment benefits all skin types, especially congested and problematic. The world renowned Hungarian Herbal mud will deeply detoxify your skin by opening pores, eliminating toxins and increasing circulation. It includes cinnamon to fight off bacteria, ivy for vitamin C, sage to tone and paprika to stimulate and refresh your skin.
Suitable for all skin types especially congested, oily & acne prone skin.
60min $160


The Lavanya Essentials - our most popular treatment
The ‘look no further’ perfect treatment combo.
Enjoy our complimentary footbath, customized 60 minute massage and a 30 minute coconut facial. Pure treatment perfection.
90min $190

The Head to Shoulders, Knees to Toes
For tired feet and busy minds.
Our attention is channeled towards your feet, calves and ankles as we generously scrub, massage and cocoon your feet in hot towels.

Your head, neck and shoulders are perfectly massaged while your mind is set free.   
45mins $120

The Lavanya Scrub
A full body scrub using a detoxifying blend of Eucalyptus, rosemary & bamboo. This spa strength body scrub will buff away dead skin while cleansing and nourishing leaving your skin soooooooo smooth. A shower and full body moisturisation completes this zesty treatment.
60min $160
Follow with a one hour massage or facial- 2hrs  $290


The Cleanse
Cleanse away dry dull skin and built up worries. Enjoy a full body cleanse, one hour massage, guided meditation and deep cleansing facial. A cleanse for the body, face and mind. You will leave feeling light, happy & free.
2hrs $250

The ‘Reason for the Season’

Our popular seasonal offers are designed to take you on a unique treatment journey which is inspired by the current season.

Try something new, a treatment to inspire and uplift your spirits and reconnect with your inner self.
See our seasonal promo for more details & pricing.  


All Wrapped Up
We prep your skin with dry body brushing to exfoliate & stimulate before comfortably cocooning you in your wrap of choice. As you are firmly wrapped up we will cleanse & exfoliate your face and rhythmically massage your head & neck to send you far far away.
A shower to refresh before we generously moisturize & hydrate your skin leaving you smooth and fresh.

Choose between:

- Herbal Hungarian Mud - (this is a hot body wrap)  
High in magnesium to detoxify & eliminate lactic acid.            
- Mango
and Pineapple
A tropical treat that works magic on the skin. Mango & pineapple will enzymatically exfoliate, soften & hydrate your skin.

75min $210
add a one hour massage or facial  $320


The Lavanya Lullaby

3 hours of treatment bliss. This treatment is a lullaby for the soul. Enjoy a spa strength full body eucalyptus scrub, luxurious shower and a customized full body massage to unravel physical & mental stress before concluding with a one hour organic facial suited to your skin type. Result- a revived spirit, glowing inside & out
3hrs $380

La La Lavanya
Let your mind dream freely as we take you on a journey of relaxation. Dry body brushing, personalized body wrap, signature facial and a customized massage. A half day in heaven to melt away all your worries.
4hrs $480

The gift that keeps on giving. 12 Lavanya treatment hours to be used as you please.

An hour here, 3 hours there... ‘be kind to yourself’ all year round.
x12 treatment hours of choice $1300 (save over $250)



Pregnancy Massage
A relaxing customized massage performed with our pregnancy support pillow. Our complimentary footbath has never been more welcomed, before this perfectly nurturing massage for the mum to be.
30min $95   60min $150   90min $180

Pregnancy Glow Facial
Specifically tailored to your pregnancy skin concerns, to encourage the most illuminating pregnancy glow.
To compliment the facial we massage your shoulders, arms and hands and extra attention is dedicated to your feet and ankles.
The perfect pregnancy pamper.
75min $170

The Pregnancy Essentials
The perfect pregnancy treatment combo. A 45min customized pregnancy massage targeting any areas of fatigue and tension.

A nourishing and hydrating 45min coconut facial soothes, restores & repairs. This package is the ultimate in pregnancy bliss.
90min $190

The Pregnancy Craving package
5 hours of treatment bliss to ensure the most stress free mum to be. To be used as desired and when needed most, an hour here, 2 hours kind to yourself this pregnancy  
x 5 treatment hours $600 (save $150)



I got your Back!
For aching backs and tight legs. Dry body brushing and a detox back mask will promote circulation and eliminate lactic acid before a tension unraveling back massage. Hot stone foot wrap and back of leg massage will leave this lad ache and worry free.
60min $150

The Tired Man
A one hour customized massage including sea salt back scrub to detoxify and exfoliate tired skin.
A 30min deep cleansing facial including ‘eye rescue’ mask to target dark, puffy and dehydrated eyes.
90min $190 

The Lads facial

We will buff, nourish and treat your skin like never before!
Deep cleansing & foaming exfoliation will prep your skin before hot & cold treatment masques work magic on circulation & refining pores. Shoulders, arms, hands, neck & head will be skillfully massaged. Nothing light & fluffy about this lads facial.
60min $150

The Modern Gentleman
3 hours of treatment bliss.  
A full body spa strength eucalyptus body scrub, 90min customized massage and 30min deep cleansing organic facial will leave this gentleman feeling like a new man.
3hrs $380



Side by Side Massage
The ideal way to relax and restore together. Rest and unwind side by side in our couples treatment room.
Your massage will be customized to your specific needs and accompanied with the comfort of warm oil, heat packs and hot towels.
The perfect company, deserves the perfect massage.
30min $170   60min $280   90min $340 per couple


Grab your bestie and 'be kind to yourself' together.
Enjoy dry body brushing, a one hour customized massage and a 30min organic coconut hydrating facial.

The ultimate catch up between friends!
90min $380 per couple

You and Me
The ultimate duo treatment.
Choose between our detoxifying Hungarian mud OR the tropical mango body wrap. You will be comfortingly cocooned whilst we skillfully encourage tension and stress away from your neck, head and scalp. Cleanse and refresh with a shower before a restorative and nurturing massage to balance and restore calmness and well-being.
2hrs  $480 per couple


The Happiness formula
scrub + massage + facial x2 = happiness
We will take you on a journey to unwind built up physical and mental stress. We scrub away dead skin and unwanted worries with our detoxifying eucalyptus scrub. Muscle tension will melt away in a one hour massage using techniques to skillfully ease and soothe the body and mind.
Our signature facial concludes this dream treatment for the dream couple.
3hrs  $690 per couple




Incorporate a delicious spa side into your treatment. All $25


dry body brushing - exfoliate, detox & stimulate
guided meditation - with hot towel foot wrap
back scrub - purifying eucalyptus & rosemary
express facial - deep cleanse & moisturise
ultra nourishing body oil - apricot, jojoba & grapeseed
eye treatment - collagen gold eye mask